Unlock Your Power

Feeling powerless and ineffective will always cost you

It's common knowledge, but as such, we often do not think about what it is that is keeping us trapped, what it is that keeps us from action. Frustration is often the result of powerlessness, and then frustration turns to anger, or worse, hopelessness. Rarely is this lack of power true. Most of the time you can take action and once you are in action, frustration melts away into nothingness.

The key, to a better life begins with understanding your own power, that you are powerful and able to take action. What action you take may be wildly different depending on who you are, what position you are in, what your goal is, and what factors are important to you other than the goal.

In the same way, lack of power will frequently prevent your employees and others from productivity, choosing instead to let a problem linger, or make it your problem because they are too helpless to do something about it. Once again this is rarely true, but the impression of powerlessness creates a lack of action, and thus a lack of results.

Unlocking your Power

The Presentation

A short and powerful presentation designed to demonstrate that people often mask their own power from themselves. Becoming addicted instead to the emotional payoff of feeling victimized, people forget how powerful they really are, and that they have a choice. They can be active players in their lives, or can be observers, watching life happen to them like a strange sitcom on television. The choice has always been theirs. Attendees will get to challenge their own thinking, find out why they think they cannot act, what fears keep them from living a profound life and make a different choice.

The Workshop

Through a series of experiential learning exercises, participants will explore the different messages that are given to them throughout life, and discover why they believe the messages that they do. Once they are able to differentiate messages that do not serve them from those that do, the workshop will shift focus and will cover tools for becoming more and more powerful, leaving behind the image of the weak self, and embracing from that moment forward a powerful image of self, capable of creating change and making a difference. They will find what is holding them back and make the change today.