Relationship Building has become a lost art

Once upon a time, the relationship was the most important thing for people to build. Once, everyone was schooled in the fine arts of relationship building, but sadly, as automation and computers have taken over so much work, as entertainment, movies, and online games have become the only ways that people interact, this art has slowly been all but lost.

Without the ability to form and maintain good relationships, organizations are as much at risk as people. A person risks loneliness, depression and more - even in extreme cases homelessness. Organizations risk lower sales volume, low customer loyalty, and in the extreme case the organization is simply no more.

From Janitor to CEO, everyone needs and can benefit tremendously from learning to create and maintain relationships.

What makes people like others

  • Barriers to communication
  • Honest Communication
  • Why it can be so hard


  The Fear

  • Not being liked or accepted
  • Looking stupid
  • Rejection
  • Some psychology


The Relationship Game

  • Our Beliefs
  • Being Right
  • Letting it go
  • Being self revealing on purpose


Types of Workshops and Coaching Programs

The Relationships Workshop 

This workshop is truly for everyone. We begin with the structure of a relationship and why it is important to human beings; where the stroke economy came from; what the results mean for us as people; and how we interact with others. From there the workshop will take participants through a series of experiential learning exercises where they discover what kinds of fears they experience, what default behaviors take over when they are interacting with others and more. Finally the workshop shows them how to identify and unravel these programs, giving the participant tools for starting relationships faster and then keeping them alive. 

Relationships for Managers

A program devoted to managers, contains many of the same ideas and information, but focuses the time in seminar on how to encourage staff to form relationships, and what kinds of tools can be appropriately used in the business world, as opposed to those rapid start tools that are better suited to a seminar or workshop.

Personalized Relationship Coaching

You can hire Mark as a relationship coach, for business relationships, personal relationships and more. Various programs exist including team coaching approaches for partners and couples.